The Xlight Highest performance miniwing !

pilots with fury max light playing on snow

Speedriding / Speedflying Xlight
Advanced / Pro
3 Lines, Diagonals, Trimmers
The lightest cutting edge and uncompromising Speedriding & Speedflying wing.
1.300 – 1.400 – 1.510 – 1.650 KG
SIZES : 6.8(selected riders only), 8, 9, 10.2

The Fury Max in Xlight weigth, volume and feeling!

The FURY MAX XLIGHT inherits all the essential technical aspects of the classic FURY MAX. It remains a benchmark speedriding wing, among the most efficient on the market with impressive dive and skiability capabilities, as well as the best glide ratio of its category.

This XLIGHT version allows you to push the limits of sport even further. Sharper, more precise, more lively and responsive, it will delight the most demanding pilots. Also tolerant of very low speeds, with intuitive inflation, it will be the right wing for your most committed freeride lines.

It inherits the unrivaled energy restitution of the FURY MAX, with a little extra “Pop”, combined with an even more precise roll, sharper trajectories, which make it an incredibly playful machine, a touch-barrel machine ..!

The short line concept introduced by Level Wings provides skiability without inertia or parasitic pendulum movements. Improved aspects with this XLIGHT version which further limits inertia thanks to its low weight.

Large control travel


Like the standard version from which it is adapted, the FURY MAX XLIGHT maintains a large amount of travel on the controls to serve the ski while remaining extremely precise, giving access to the steepest and most technical descents.
The brake range is long for every speed regime on skis, staying extremely precise to allow for the toughest and biggest of descents.

pilot riding and flying with a fury max light
fury max light level wings miniwings flying above snow

High performance Speedriding

The FURY MAX XLIGHT redefines the standard of skiability. It is more obvious and simple to ride thanks to its lightness. The special short line concept minimizes steering actions while skiing. The wing follows you even more easily so you can concentrate on your trajectories and your ski.

Optimised rear steering

From the steepest to the flattest angles, the FURY MAX XLIGHT’s thin riser system allows precise rear steering and astonishing control of angles and trajectories, and to exploit its unrivaled energy return!
Fury Max Light Level Wings Miniwings flying and speed riding
speed riding and flying with a gold fury max light miniwing min aile

Unrivaled Dynamic Performance

Its advanced structure gives it extraordinary flight performance in finesse as well as the steepest angles. The FURY MAX XLIGHT is the fastest wing in its category. The important energy is quickly harvested and its use opens the way to the most powerful, ample and fluid actions. The FURY MAX XLIGHT is the ultimate speedwing for extreme speedflying.

@levelwings ! Made by riders for riders

The specific concept of short lines introduced by Level Wings on its Speedriding wings Aims to minimise parasital pendular and inertial reactions of the wing during your ride in order to free up the direct piloting ( and fun !) while you make happen your best lines and goals.
The « median lateral position » of your hands allows globally the wing to follow you gently when you ski. This happy medium of your touch on handles could be perceived as lower on our speedriding gliders than on other kind of gliders such as skydiving, miniwings of paragliders that have not the same piloting schemes.
The median lateral position is made to ease your balance at skiing and piloting. Not too high as you use all vertical height of your body when you ski, and not too low (!) to keep all necessary brake range for the wing manoeuvrability.
Paying attention to this feeling at first run of your wing will enlighten and confirm the confidence and the potential it offers you : The pure sence of freedom on the snow and in the air !
speed riding with a sangria fury max light miniwing
speed riding and flying with a spectra green fury max light miniwing

Caution: This is a beast! The Fury Max Xlight is made for expert riders and pilots. It demands having experience and every-instant active piloting to reach its very substance. Ask your instructor or dealer or mentor in order to make the good choice. Getting familiar progressively and carefully with your Fury Max is imperative. 


Keeping on the new visual identity on our gliders, the border of the bird on the Fury Max Xlight is coloured in two colours and a white border for the bird making the product recognisable.

Color options
FURY MAX xlight 6,8 m
FURY MAX xlight 8 m
FURY MAX xlight 9 m
FURY MAX xlight 10,2 m
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Technical Data
table fury max light size and details
TOP SURFACE LEADING EDGE : Porcher Skytex 32gr
TOP SURFACE : Porcher Skytex 27gr
LOWER SURFACE : Porcher Skytex 27gr
LOADED PROFILES : Porcher Skytex 40 HF
Porcher Skytex 27 HF
LINES : Liros DC 500, DC 300, DC160, DC100
4 SIZES : 6.8 m – 8 m – 9 m – 10,2 m
COLORS : Sangria, Purple, Gold, Spectra green
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Note : To customize your wing be sure to only use the paint bucket tool, not the scrawl tool, and only two colors as on picture below with A and B. These swatches give an overview : they are not contractual. By clicking on the icon with arrow, you can download your drawing and then send it to us by email by attaching your file on the contact page.