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Levelwings is a Speedwing & Miniwing Expert for Speedriding and Speedflying

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Levelwings is a pioneer of speedriding and speedflying, we develop accessible and safe wings at all levels.

If you are looking for a miniwing or a speedwing to start speedriding, our Fizz2 wing will be ideal for progressing safely to intermediate level and beyond.

We have also designed the miniwing Fury Max, for pilots more experienced who want to fly and ride further and steeper.

For pilots who want a glider adapted to multi disciplines, speedflying and paragliding, Speed-Force is our favorite Swiss army knife!
Speed-Force allows you to fly and glide in Solo but also in Tandem. Speedforce can do so much : Soaring, Thermaling, Speedride, Speedfly, Solo and Tandem flying!…

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