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Levelwings is a Speedwing & Miniwing Expert for Speedriding and Speedflying

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Levelwings is a pioneer of speedriding and speedflying, we develop accessible and safe wings at all levels.

If you are looking for a miniwing or a speedwing to start speedriding, our Fizz2 wing will be ideal for progressing safely to intermediate level and beyond. We have also designed the miniwing Fury Max and Fury Max Light for pilots more experienced who want to fly and ride further and steeper.

For pilots who want a glider adapted to multi disciplines, speedflying and paragliding, Speed-Force is our favorite Swiss army knife! Speed-Force allows you to fly and glide in Solo but also in Tandem. Speedforce can do so much : Soaring, Thermaling, Speedride, Speedfly, Solo and Tandem flying!…

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speedflying miniwing and speedwing light for soaring and hike and fly
For pilots who prefer Speedfly only, Flame is a responsive glider that you can fly from beginner to advanced level. Flame miniwing will be excellent for proximity flight and Soaring, optimized for the most delicate Take-offs. And since we also like Hike and Fly, we have created Flame light canopy, easy to fly and carry!

For Professionals Paragliders, Levelwings launched the Force Tandem Paraglider which offers great gliding performance. Force is a responsive and reliable canopy, efficient in thermals and in cross-country, optimized for all the situations encountered by a professional pilot : delicate take-offs, fast and precise landings.

Each wing is the result of a passion : flying. Each glider is the product of many reflections and tests carried out by the pilots of our crew.
We hope that they will make you experience the most beautiful sensations while having the assurance of reliability.

To all the pilots, Happy flights and Good rides!

#Team Levelwings.

#Flex Solo Paraglider

Learn and progress in complete safety, easily develop your feeling!

#Wind-Force 32

Introducing the Wind-Force 32 Tandem Paraglider for Professional and Fun Flights!

#Fusion Harness

Internal structure modifications, improved durability, more features

#Force 41

Force 41 Tandem is a Paraglider for Professional and Recreational pilots

Our Wings and Mini-wings are made by pilots for pilots!